Payroll Services

Blackwood and its partner network offers payroll services integrated with your accounting.

No matter what our cooperation looks like: You save time, extra effort and hassle. Because we provide you Payroll Services with an experienced and constant team of payroll experts. They will show you how to implement changes in laws and regulations on time, master year-end processing, and use the latest technologies to your advantage. This gives you the peace of mind that your payroll tasks are 100% legally compliant, absolutely on time, and completed with maximum efficiency.

Blackwood Payroll

  • Dedicated payroll experts
  • Integrated with accounting
  • Time efficient
  • Focus on your core business

DIY Payroll

  • Time consuming
  • Lacking experience
  • Complex System

Swiss Payroll System

  1. Social security contributions: Employers and employees are required to pay social security contributions to fund programs such as old-age pensions, disability insurance, and health insurance.

  2. Taxation: Employees in Switzerland are subject to federal, cantonal, and municipal income taxes. The exact tax rate depends on the employee’s salary, canton of residency, and other factors.

  3. Minimum wage: Switzerland has a minimum wage that varies by sector and region. Employers must pay at least the minimum wage to their employees.

  4. Labor law: Swiss labor law governs employment relationships and sets standards for working conditions, including working hours, holidays, and other benefits.

  5. Health insurance: Health insurance is mandatory for all residents of Switzerland. Employers and employees both contribute to the cost of health insurance.

  6. Pension plans: Employers may offer pension plans to their employees, which provide benefits in retirement. The terms and conditions of these plans can vary greatly, so it’s important to carefully review the details of any plan offered by an employer.

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