Blackwood Capital AG is the proud sponsor of Swiss Relief Association, an internationally operational humanitarian organization. As a responsible company, we are committed to 8 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) officially established by the United Nations (UN). These goals, expressed below in the form of colored icons, are the United Nations’ call to all people for sustainable economic growth, taking into account the social and environmental aspects of each decision.



For already 3 years we have been committed to green and renewable energy, as environmental issues have become a priority for us. We have set ourselves the goal of reducing our environmental footprint by optimizing the management of our energy resources and implementing a responsible purchasing policy.



In order to reduce paper consumption, waste volumes and employee business trips, Blackwood is continuously working on the digitalization of its infrastructure. In this way, our employees are encouraged to avoid unnecessary printing and to make an active contribution to waste separation and recycle waste paper. Together, we want to reduce our impact on the environment and are putting all our efforts into the fight against climate change.


In our teams, only skills and performance count. We are aware that access to responsible positions in the financial industry is often difficult for women. For this reason, we encourage applications from women and do our utmost to ensure that equal opportunities are truly part of our corporate culture. Blackwood is firmly committed to promoting diversity in all its forms as a driver for growth and development.



Our employees and their contribution are our very special strength. That is why we not only promote individual initiatives, but also rely on the success of teamwork. The entrepreneurial attitude is in our blood as an organization and all our employees, because it is our mission to accompany our customers and always assist them with the best solutions to their challenges and needs in the correct and fastest way.


As a committed employer, we have a dual obligation to our employees: on the one hand, we are committed to providing the best conditions to enhance the company’s performance; on the other hand, we want to create a stimulating working environment to enable well-being, self-fulfillment and professional and personal development for all our employees. In both our professional and private lives, we promote a culture of health, and with this in mind, we support efforts to create an optimal work-life balance.



We are alarmed by the plight and neglect to which some endangered species are subjected and therefore actively support various organizations dedicated to animal welfare and environmental protection. With our commitment, we want to create awareness among our employees and customers alike of the responsibility that man has towards animals and especially wildlife on our planet, which requires a clean separation of habitats and special protection and respect.


We are committed to making a responsible and dedicated contribution to the community. As true admirers of the fine arts, patronage has always been a central part of our history. For many years, we have been working with some of the most important players in the local and international art scene in the countries where we are also represented ourselves, thus contributing our share to the realization of major cultural events.Our goal is to promote creativity and cultural innovation aimed at excellence in order to strengthen the art scene in Switzerland and abroad.



We are fully aware of the fact that exclusion and poverty are a social evil that gnaws at the foundation of our coexistence and affects us all. That is why we are also involved in associations that advocate for people with disabilities and against poverty in Switzerland and in the other countries where we operate.

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